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Whether as entertainment at a wedding, a display at a festival, hen or stag night, the finalé at a corporate function or walkabout entertainers at a garden party, we offer a huge range of dazzling performances to suit your event. We offer a wide variety of performances; from choreographed fire & UV shows, individual jugglers or freestyle light dancers, to circus skills workshops, UV body painting and walkabout entertainment - all customised to the needs of your event. Please check out the performances we provide for more information. For inspirational photos and videos of what we offer please feel free to browse the relevant Party Stuff by Mail sections of this website. If you're interested in hiring us for an event, either read through theperformances section of this site or get in contact to discuss your event.

Mature relationships and parties

To seek a long term and maturing relationship is a basic human instinct - when you succeed on this task, you should always have a hen or stag party. Likewise the ‘Matchmaker’ has been an honoured role in communal societies from the dawn of time. Why should this be? The fact is that people often do not know their own selves well enough to identify a partner who has the potential for the kind of long term and developing union they both deserve.

Our success rate is excellent, we have recorded numerous successful partnerships and even a few babies from our younger members, resulting from partnerships we have brought about. We take a personal interest in all our members, current and past, and our test as to effectiveness leans on the continuance of the unions brought about under our guidance. Confidentiality is central to our services. It is important that we create an open and honest dialogue so that my service can be holistic and in your favour. Members identities are strongly protected and contact numbers are only exchanged with the members’ permission. Your progress is monitored; advice offered and feed back welcome. Please check: Hen Weekends, Hen Nights and Hen Parties in UK and Europe

Before wedding - Stag Weekends

Just remember to have a great party before your wedding! Stag Weekends - Nights, Parties & Stag Weekend Packages can be used for all sorts of night-time events - whether as a finale or interval act at a corporate event, a display at a festival, a bachelor party, an alternative to fireworks at a wedding or any other event, no matter the size of the audiance.. Given enough time we can create completely customised shows - for example check out the video on the videos page of a stag party show we created - or we have several "Off the shelf" shows for you to choose from.

My studies and my experience within marriages and stag or hen parties have shown me that a loving relationship is too important to leave to chance. That is what we tend to do, isn’t it? We meet someone and, in the excitement of falling in love, we neglect to consider both sides of the equation. Would you buy a house after only looking at the outside? Doesn’t the investment you wish to make in the rest of your life warrant the best consideration? This is where I have helped in the past and can help you now.

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